Hieroglyphic Translations

Hieroglyphs are beautiful and mysterious and make wonderful tattoos and images. If you would like a message translated from English into Hieroglyphs (or Hieroglyphs into English), please email Kemet Design. We receive a huge number of requests for translations daily so have to make a small charge for translation based on the size of the text (usually only a couple of pounds).

We were asked to prepare a high resolution image depicting the term "Zeret Bird" for use as a template for the name of a boat. The name is a reference to the opera Akhenaten (by Philip Glass) in which his father Amenhotep III is said to "flap his wings like a zeret bird, He goes to the sky, He goes to the sky, On the wind".

The name is particularly fitting because "Zeret" is a term for the Egyptian black kite and the vessel is a beautiful black boat with brown sails. I am sure that the Ancient Egyptians, being keen sailors and lovers of beauty, would have approved.

Zeret Bird translated into hieroglyphs Zeret Bird translated into hieroglyphs

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