Kemet Design Testimonials

We hope that all of our customers are happy with the products and services they receive from Kemet Design and we are always interested in receiving feedback. Here are just a few of the responses we have received in the past.

"I am very pleased with both the delivery process and the execution of the necklace. Thank you".
Cass Wright

"I love the cone incenses that I purchased. They smell amazing and I have gotten a positive reaction from others when I burn them - people really like them."
Symone Fisher

"I have purchased incense off you in the past and have found that your product is second to none... Many thanks for the many hours of aromatic bliss you have provided me in the past."
Simon James

"The incense has arrived! :D It's soooo lovely, thank you! :D I currently have the envelope sat open on my work desk, and a lovely gentle blend of the two scents is wafting my way."
Francesca Doddato

"the perfumes arrived - i ADORE the blue lotus. very soft smell but heavenly"
riki lee

"I cannot thank you enough for such wonderful service. I love the new bracelet... Thank you so much for a very quick transaction from start to finish... I truly love your craftsmanship!"

"Received my first order today and extremely happy hence another order."
Alistair Moore

"I love your works!"
Eva Boros

If you have any comments or queries we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to Email Kemet Design.

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