Perfume was very popular in Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Egyptians were the first civilisation to make comprehensive records of the aromas and qualities of essential oils. Like the traditional perfumes of Ancient Egypt, our perfumes are based in oil rather than alcohol so they do not dry the skin and they preserve the benefits of the essential oils naturally. We also package our perfume in beautiful blue glass bottles as was traditional in Ancient Egypt.

The concentrations of essential oil in our products are safe for use on the skin but please take care when using essential oils if you are pregnant or have a pre-existing health problem. Please refer to the safety information on the materials page for possible cautions.

Tutankhamun's Perfume

The pharaoh Tutankhamun reigned at the end of the Amarna period during the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt shortly after the unorthodox reign of Akhenaten. He died young but his near intact burial tomb was the richest find of the Valley of the Kings. Our Tutankhamun perfume is closely based on the residue of a perfume found in his tomb and is composed of the highly prized essential oils Spikenard and Frankincense combined with coconut oil and sweet almond oil. The blend has a rich and warm spicy and sweet aroma with hints of wood and earth.

Cost £9.99 for 10ml

Cleopatra's Perfume

Cleopatra loved the scents of Neroli and Rose and used their aphrodisiac qualities to great effect when seducing Caesar and Mark Anthony. She favoured the goddess of love and sexuality, Hathor, who was associated with both Myrrh and Sandalwood. We have created an intoxicating and sensuous perfume in her honour by combining Neroli, Rose, Myrrh and Sandalwood to create an aroma fit for Cleopatra herself.

Cost £11.99 for 10ml

Seshen (Blue Lotus) Perfume

The precious Blue Lotus perfume has an exotic, floral aroma which is intoxicating and relaxing and is claimed by some to be an aphrodisiac. Our Blue Lotus perfume is made from pure nymphaea caerulea essential oil with a hint of Sandalwood and sweet almond oil.

Cost £15.99 for 10ml

Metopion Perfume

According to Dioscorides Metopion was the Ancient Egyptian name for the plant from which galbanum is derived. It was also the name of a highly prized perfume in which galbanum was one of the main ingredients. This perfume was thought to have powerful medicinal and restorative qualities as well as a beautiful scent which was famous throughout the ancient world. In particular, the perfume was thought to calm the mind and relax the muscles and bring about a sense of well being and health. There is some dispute as to the ingredients of which the perfume was composed but most sources agree that galbanum, cardamom and myrrh were the main ingredients. Our Metopion perfume oil is made with pure essential oils and has a sweet, fresh and invigorating fragrance.

Cost £9.99 for 10ml

Susinum Perfume

Susinum was one of the most prized and famous perfumes of Ancient Egypt. It is composed of the sacred blue lotus (blue water lily) combined with Rose, Myrrh, Saffron, Cardamom and Cinnamon. It has a sumptuous, exotic, floral scent which elevates the spirits and is claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities. Susinum is truly fit for an Egyptian Queen.

Cost: £11.99 for 10ml

Mendesian Perfume

Mendesian was a famous perfume popular in Ancient Egypt and the ancient world which was often simply known as "The Egyptian". Mendesian was based on a mix of Myrrh, Cardomom and Cinnamon which created a rich warm and spicy aroma. It has a rich, sweet and spicy scent which is warm and inviting.

Cost: £9.99 for 10ml

Stakte (Stacte) Perfume

Stakte (Stacte) perfume was created by steeping bruised Myrrh in oil with Benzoin to enhance the aroma of the Myrrh and create a rich, warm and sweet aroma.

Cost: £9.99 for 10ml

Geranium Perfume

Geranium perfume has a light, fresh and floral aroma which raises the spirits and relaxes the mind.

Cost: £9.99 for 10ml

Myrrh and Frankincense Perfume

The ultimate traditional rich and inviting aroma is created by combining Myrrh and Frankincense. Warm, intoxicating and exotic, this scent will excite the senses and refresh the mind.

Cost: £9.99 for 10ml

Massage Oil

The earliest known record of foot massage is a tomb painting from ancient Egypt so it is clear that they appreciated the therapeutic benefits of massage. All of our massage oils are formed using pure base oils which were popular in ancient Egypt and are still used widely today by aromatherapists and masseurs: sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and wheatgerm oil.

Apricot kernel oil is a highly unsaturated emollient with Linoleic Acid (omega-6). It is a natural moisturiser which is good for sensitive, dry or inflamed skin. It is easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling velvety and soft. Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. It is a light, non greasy oil which is easily absorbed leaving the skin feeling silky and is ideal as a base for massage oil. The ancient Egyptians used sweet almond oil to condition their hair and as a base for cosmetics and perfumes. Wheatgerm oil is rich in vitamin E and Linoleic Acid (omega-6). It is a highly effective moisturiser which can soften and rejuveninate dry skin. It was used as a base for anti-wrinkle cream in ancient Egypt and makes an appearance in many modern cosmetics and moisturisers. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin C and is an excellent moisturiser. It soothes dry and itchy skin and is light and easily absorbed. All a of these oils are non-toxic but are not safe for those with allergy to nuts. Our base massage oil is blended with pure essential oils to create the finished massage oils.

Seref (relaxing) Massage Oil

This aromatic and relaxing massage oil combines Frankincense, Geranium and Sandalwood. It combats insomnia, tension and rough skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. This oil can be used by everyone to enhance feelings of wellbeing and calm (please refer to the safety note at the foot of the page).


Senekh (rejuvenating) Massage Oil

This energising massage oil combines Cypress, Lavender, and Juniper Berry essential oils to revive tired limbs and combat fatigue. This oil can be used by almost everyone but should be avoided during pregnancy.


Sedjaut (precious) Massage Oil

This exotic and luxurious massage oil combines Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood to create an uplifting euphoric mood. Avoid during pregnancy.


Haaw (Rejoice) Massage Oil

This uplifting and refreshing massage oil combines Basil, Lemongrass and Juniper Berry to combat headaches and migraines and improve concentration and memory. Avoid during pregnancy and not suitable for those under sixteen years old.


Meskhenet Massage Oil

This massage oil is dedicated to Meskhenet, the goddess of childbirth, and is specifically designed to be safe to use throughout pregnancy. It combines Geranium, Neroli, and Sandalwood in low concentrations to create a deeply relaxing and uplifting aroma.


Hathor Massage Oil

This massage oil is dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of beauty and love, and is particularly good at combating cellulite. It combines Cypress, Geranium, Neroli and Juniper.


Tutankhamun Massage Oil

This warm and exotic massage oil is based on the perfume found in the young pharaoh's tomb. It is composed of Spikenard, Frankincense and a mix of sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and coconut oil. It has a beautiful aroma and leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft and supple.


Metopion Massage Oil

This luxurious massage oil is based on the Ancient Egyptian perfume, Metopion. It is composed of Galbanum, Cardamom and Myrrh.


Postage charges are £10 for international orders. A refund of £4 will be made for orders from within the UK. All of our perfume and massage oil is packaged in beautiful blue glass bottles and amber glass jars which protect the essential oils from UV rays.

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