Ancient Egyptian Incense

Kapet (Kyphi)

Kyphi (the Greek name of the incense known to the Egyptians as Kapet) was the most prized blend of incense in Ancient Egypt. In Heliopolis, Kyphi was burned in the evening to honour Ra and the Pyramid Texts (the world's oldest religious text) confirmed that the pharaoh would be able to enjoy Kyphi incense in the afterlife. However, Kyphi incense was not only prized for its aroma, it was thought to enhance meditation, aid sleep, and has been claimed to cause vivid dreams. Furthermore, it was an antiseptic and an antidote for a number of different poisons. The Greek physician Dioscorides recorded one recipe for Kyphi incense in his book "Materia Medica" and Manetho reputedly composed a book named "Preparation of Kyphi Recipes", but unfortunately no copies of this book have ever been found.

There are a number of different recipes recorded in inscriptions (for example in the temples of Edfu and Philae) and on papyrus (such as the Ebers Papyrus) with anywhere from twelve to over fifty ingredients. The Edfu text involves the blending and aging of sixteen ingredients in a specific order over sixteen days. The incense was formed into small balls which were placed onto hot coals to release the aroma. Kemet Design Kyphi is based on these ancient recipes and has an intoxicating full-bodied aroma with a hint of sweetness and spice. It is both relaxing and refreshing and has a sensual warmth.

Cost £5.99 (50ml jar)

Netjer Incense

The Egyptians burned incense to favour the gods and to enrich their own environment. Our Netjer incense is made from 100% raw incense with no fillers or oils added to give you the purest and most authentic scents possible.

Isis A warm and inviting blend of rose petals, myrrh, frankincense and sandalwood. The aroma is feminine with a hint of sweetness and spice.
Hathor A rich myrrh incense with a hint of sandalwood and frankincense. This is a warm and sweet intoxicating scent.
Set A spicy, woody blend of juniper, cassia, benzoin and cedar. The aroma is very masculine with a spicy hint of citrus from the juniper and cedar, a warm rich scent from the cassia and a clean balsamic vanilla aroma from the benzoin.
Osiris A clean crisp blend of cedar, frankincense, benzoin and lemongrass. The aroma is fresh and invigorating.
Nefertum A warm sweet blend of rose, lavendar, myrrh, orris root and galangal. The scent is floral but also rich and spicy.
Bast A rich blend of rose, orris root, sandalwood and myrrh. The scent is rich and inviting.
Myrrh and Frankincense Rich, warm and intoxicating. The perfect offering for any god or goddess.

50ml jar for £4.99

God or Goddess

All of our incense is made from pure raw materials and has no burning agents or additives added to the mix. Our incense is packaged in beautiful blue jars.

The incense can be burned on charcoal discs (below) placed either on a fireproof dish or in a charcoal burner. You can also use an "incense oven" (a tray suspended over a candle much like a standard oil burner). Finally, you can burn the incense on makko powder by laying a trail of makko in non-combustible sand and sprinkling the loose incense (or placing the pellet) onto the makko once it has been lit. Please take care when lighting and burning incense.

Excelsior swift-lite charcoal discs

Excelsior Swift-lite Charcoal Discs

Packs of 10 charcoal discs wrapped in foil to keep them fresh. Perfect for burning non-combustible loose incense and incense pellets.

Cost £1.99

Postage charges are £10 for international orders. A refund of £4 will be made for orders from within the UK.

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