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Welcome to Kemet Design, dedicated to the art and culture of the ancient Egyptians. We specialise in ancient Egyptian jewellery, incense and oils and sell gifts fit for a Pharaoh.

Ancient Egyptian Jewellery

Kemet Design jewellery is hand-made using traditional materials such as (sterling) silver, malachite, lapis lazuli, turquoise and red jasper. All ancient Egyptians wore jewellery and recognised that its worth lay not only in its beauty, but in the deeper meaning attributed to the colours and designs used by the craftsmen. A piece of jewellery could invoke magical power to protect and uplift and could connect the bearer with the divine. Many of our designs are closely based on examples of ancient Egyptian jewellery recovered by archeologists, but we have also designed a collection of modern pieces of jewellery inspired by the colours, techniques and materials used by ancient Egyptian jewellers.

Our jewellery is packaged in beautiful black boxes bearing our logo in striking gold ink. The boxes are made from 100% recycled materials with a cotton insert.

Kemet Design Jewellery and Boxes

Incense and Perfumed Oil

Ancient Egypt could be a very smelly place and the ancient Egyptians associated pleasant odours with the gods and with health and well-being, so they developed many types of incense and perfume. Kemet Design hand-made incense is composed of high quality raw ingredients to provide a beautiful aroma without the use of unpleasant chemicals and burning agents. We offer traditional non-combustible incense which is composed of raw incense materials which are handground in a granite mortar and guaranteed to be 100% pure. We make kyphi (kapet) incense which is ground from raw incense ingredients and combined in the traditional manner. Our recipe is based on the one recorded in hieroglyphs on the walls of Edfu Temple in Egypt.

We also offer beautiful perfume based on Ancient Egyptian recipes and made from essential oils and pure base oils such as coconut and sweet almond. We make a luxurious perfume based on an example found in an alabaster jar in the tomb of Tutankhamun, pharaoh of ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom. Our latest addition is the highly prized ancient Egyptian perfume, Metopion. In addition you can buy massage oil composed of essential oils blended with pure base oils such as safflower, apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil.

Our incense is packaged in blue tubs and our perfume oils and massage oils in traditional blue glass or plastic bottles (to protect the contents from damaging UV light).

We also have a growing range of t-shirts and mugs. If you like we can print your name in hieroglpyhs on a mug or a t-shirt. Contact us for more details.

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